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André Santos "Echoes Of A Lost Waltz": Large-scale and virtuosic piano.

The composition "Echoes Of A Lost Waltz" is from the creator of neoclassical André Santos.

(As you sit at the piano on an old and now empty room, you cherish the past as your fingers start moving at the sound of the music whispered by the walls around you, the "Echoes Of A Lost Waltz".)

The two-minute piano piece is calm and majestic. The pianist's virtuosity and attention to detail are astonishing. There is power and depth in the arrangement of this piano piece, which seems to soar on the wings of musical emotion. Every note carries a sea of energy and romanticism. Throughout the piece it is interesting to see how André swings the composition and extends its plot to the very end.

This professionally performed piece certainly stands out among many other compositions. It beckons with its grandeur, aesthetics and energy!

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