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Anaamaly ''I Am a Co​-​Creator'': from the headmaster of Ambient University

Anaamaly is an award-winning ambient music producer from US, who's beautifully complete track ''I Am A Co-Creator'' we review today with nothing but delight at hearts.

Purposeful from the very start, the music gradually drowns the listener in an array of mighty fine drones, nature sounds, and oriental bells. Produced with thought and diligence the music serves it's meditative purpose like clock-work, all the while having you lose the sense of time. Appropriately and intricately timed at 5:55, the track is an ambient masterpiece like few - its intent as clear as it is potent. The consistency/elaboration balance is as perfect as it can possibly get as well - a strong statement to the artist's experience in the genre. Nothing in this track is overdone, neither has anything been omitted, period.

If there was an Ambient University, then Anaamaly would be the headmaster. Enjoy:


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