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AMIMEA "Once": Nostalgia spelled out on a piano.

AMIMEA is a Dutch neoclassical artist who we are happy to see returning to our blog, this time with a melancholy-infused, tranquil piano piece entitled "Once".

Highly engaging from the get-go, the piece presents itself with a strong melodic effort and a hypnotizing, elegant delivery. The tune does bring about a handful of nostalgia and melancholy, having me reminisce of my childhood somehow. Dynamically consistent, the music immerses the listener in its thoughtful domain, seeing your every wound, but never stepping on them. Rather, it makes its way to the core of your being and heals you from within - one charming bar at a time.

This is the type of music you want to listen to while commuting and gazing out of the window. Or in any other circumstance too, for universally beautiful it is.

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