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AMBIENT PEARLS: Thaesus, Cyrus Reynolds, Antarctic Wastelands & We Dream of Eden

AMBIENT PEARLS is a hand-picked collection of the best ambient performances that rise above the many submissions we receive.

"With a deep love for the ambient genre, Thaesus invites listeners into a realm of mesmerizing soundscapes and ethereal tranquility. His music captures the essence of introspection, blending soft organic textures, delicate melodies, and intricate electronic layers.

Thaesus embraces the freedom of self-production, channeling his creativity into every aspect of his music. From the initial spark of inspiration to the final mix, he takes full control of the artistic process, resulting in a deeply personal and authentic sonic experience."

"Lifted" is a wonderful ambient track. It gives a feeling of lightness, of weightlessness. It's as limitless as looking into the starry sky.

Very atmospheric and high quality track! I recommend it for your playlist!

"Cyrus Reynolds is an American composer and producer. His unique approach to textural orchestration as a way of emotional storytelling has led to collaborations with M83 (Fantasy), S. Cary of Bon Iver and Novo Amor. He wrote original scores for Netflix (The River Runner) and Hulu (Dark Matter)."

"American Steppes" is a very beautiful ambient based on strings and keyboards, played so masterfully that it resembles the movement of a sea wave, but there is also the sound of the sea.The track is very atmospheric, has a lively vibe and pleasant energy. It's perfect for lying on the beach at night and admiring the starry sky.

This is the work of two interesting composers, Antarctic Wastelands & We Dream of Eden.

Antarctic Wastelands is a moniker of ambient music by Hong Kong-based producer Ben Tatlow. Focusing mainly on environmental themes of beauty, desolation and diverse nature in between, his music has been described by Bandcamp as "ambient soundscapes with luminous textures and depths".

We Dream of Eden is a figment of composer and producer Kirk Smith's imagination. It's a project to create minimal but uplifting ambient music. Combining the organic and imperfect sounds of real life with the precision and playfulness of modern technology. Collaborations with friends from time to time form a collective of creators seeking peace in an insanely beautiful world. This music creates a place for reflection, a place to breathe, a place to dream.

We encourage you to check out the fruits of their collaboration and enjoy this incredibly subtle and graceful ambient. The composition seems to fly somewhere in the clouds and doesn't want to come down to the ground. Feel the lightness of flight with the track "Seek".


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