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AMBIENT PEARLS: Lunär, Pagination, Christian Wittman

AMBIENT PEARLS is a hand-picked collection of the best ambient performances that rise above the many submissions we receive.

You'll be interested in an ambient, relaxing track from Lunär from the UK.

"Floating" is the perfect combination of nature sounds, light unobtrusive, background piano. The voluminous and high-quality sound generates a pleasant vibe that will make you relax and unwind! Add it to your playlist for rest and relaxation!

A subtle and graceful ambient from Pagination called "Alive When It Happens". This is the third track from the album "Status", which was released on the 14th of April. We were interested by the very interesting work with sound, the sounds the author uses here. Very unusual work! Check it out for yourself:

"Frozen Sea" from Christian Wittman's "Misty lands" album is something from outer space.

It lasts for 5 minutes and 40 seconds, long enough to fall into a trance and indulge in meditation and unleash your inner self. For lovers and fans of ambient music, we recommend listening to the whole album to feel all the vibrations!


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