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AMBIENT PEARLS: Inge Weatherhead Breistein, Nathan Hewitt, Ros Gilman

AMBIENT PEARLS is a hand-picked collection of the best ambient performances that rise above the many submissions we receive.

The eighth track from the album "Skogskammer" entitled "Flust" by jazz saxophonist, electronic musician and composer Inge Wetherhead Breistein of Bergen, Norway.

The "Flust" is very full of bright colors, many different elements decorate the arrangement, and the saxophone plays the main role here! The composition lasts almost 5 minutes, namely 4:45, and is perfect for trance immersion and miditarization practices.

Nathan Hewitt BP from the USA visited our profile with the single "Until next time". As the author himself writes about his music: "every album is a new adventure". The composition "Until next time" is an interesting combination of piano and ambient, which results in a very interesting musical picture. A very innovative direction of music that gives freedom for creativity, for creating something new in the hope of creating something that hasn't existed yet. A limitless flight of fancy!

Ros Gilman is a composer, conductor, music producer and musician who received his classical training at the University of Music in Vienna and the Royal College of Music in London.

A professional in his field, he comes to us with the composition "Still."

The composition uses an array of incredible instruments, including piano, cello, violin, and everything together is a beautiful bouquet, a full, rich arrangement. It's not really ambient, it's something more interesting. The composition will become a real decoration of the playlist for meditation and relaxation, but to understand all its depth and beauty, you will have to listen to the composition more than once!


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