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AMBIENT PEARLS: Dream Smith, Le Code, madebygodes & Sedogy Bedam

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Ambient Pearls is a hand-picked collection of the best ambient performances that rise above the many submissions we receive.

Introducing the work from Sweden by Dream Smith and his new work "Inner peace". Beautiful, atmospheric ambient for relaxation or meditation. The composition is absolutely unobtrusive, easy to listen to and there is nothing superfluous in it!

Le Code is a French ambient and electronic producer presenting his new work "Slow Horizon" from the mini album "Haunted Waves".

Le Сode definitely knows how to create meditative and relaxing music. Atmospheric synth sounds create subtle and transparent musical images. The piece seems to float in weightlessness, making everything around him invisible and airy.

Le says, he is inspired by nature, especially water and the ocean. Perhaps that is what makes his work so special.

A collaboration between two creators from Brazil madebygodes & Sedogy Bedam called "outsider". High-quality, atmospheric, voluminous ambient lasting only two minutes and twenty seconds. Great background for meditation!


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