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Amaury Laurent Bernier "Arabesques - Solo Piano Version": Neoclassical is beauty in the details.

French multi-instrumentalist composer Amaury Laurent Bernier gives us the opportunity to listen to his composition "Arabesques - Solo Piano Version".

Born and raised near Paris, Amaury now lives in Hamburg, Germany and likes to combine his love for scores, vintage colours, folk, classical music, bluegrass and songwriting.

The composition is imbued with a sense of nostalgia and evokes in the listener a feeling of complete peace and a light, pleasant atmosphere that creates a cosy ambience. The author paid attention to every note, every chord and gathered all this into an incredible musical bouquet. The duration of the composition is only two minutes and sixteen seconds, but with such a short timing it is completely finished and does not cause a feeling of understatement. Every chord, every note is a moment of eternity, allowing you to feel the connection between past and present, between artist and listener. This work deserves a place of honour in your playlist among other musical masterpieces in our collection and yours, and will complement it with its depth and beauty.

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