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Alstad "When We Were Younger" - a luscious tribute to our past

Canadian pianist and composer, Alstad shares his instrumental contemporary classical style in his piano composition, “When We Were Younger”.

"When We Were Younger" is a spiraling piano melody that is beautifully solemn and nostalgic, with a lingering sweetness. Hollowing in its striking repetition, there is a feeling of sadness in recollection of the past, mourning for lost innocence or bitter-sweet recollection of a turbulent childhood. Deviation from the spinning piano notes reveal a calming melody of growth and maturity, with a particular gracefulness. Representing reflection, the piece is contemplative and turns the listener's thoughts inwards to their own selves. A piece you can get lost in, "When We Were Younger" displays the beauty in unearthing past experiences and memories, whether good or bad, that have taken us to where we are today. 

Take a nostalgic pause with this track here:   


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