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Allen Constantine ''Elegy'' - neoclassical meets rock on a street of elegance

Romanian composer and multi-instrumentalist Allen Constantine was born on the International Music Day 1st October 1985. While that alone doesn't necessarily make him a good composer, his recent release ''Elegy'' speaks volumes for his musical skills.

''Elegy'' is an eclectic neoclassical/cinematic piece, which quite subtly leads in on a gently played, somewhat anticipating piano. It is then joined by a lingering string section, brilliantly stitching the bars together, while an uncommon yet oddly fitting element of an electric guitar puts the composition out of any box and into it's own paradigm. The music moves in it's cinematic domain, well above the ground and free of any boundaries, towards are string solo section, nerve-wrecking, captivating, but also appropriately brief.

Definitely worth two and a half minutes of your time and probably even a few repeats over:

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