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Alicia Enstrom ''Bardo Dream'' - let the mermaid lure you in

Alicia Enstrom - as read in her bio - is a classically trained violinist, composer, producer and reformed circus freak (Cirque du Soleil) who plays high and loud, tinkers with tech, and loves to use music to stir the pot of your subconscious. Her recent release ''Bardo Dream'' is an ambient/folk musical endeavor that is both raw and modernistic.

Taking off on enchanting word-less female vocals, the music sounds very dreamy and almost hypnotizing. To add to that spectrum, a deep bass, along with a gentle tribal rhythm section are put to use, while several layers of ambient sounds are filling the spaces between the bars in the back of the mix. While the entirety of the composition most certainly lingers on a light note, we can't help but to notice something a little eerie about it all - it is as if the listener was being lured in into the deeper waters. Only what happens then? We'd be curious to hear the rest of the story.

If mermaids were real, this would definitely be one of their alluring chants. Check out ''Bardo Dream'' at the link below:


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