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alexdgoldberg "I Know You": Inside a mind of a mad nonchalant genius

There's unique and then there's alexdgoldberg's "I Know You". When I first came into contact with this piece of music, I was all but ready for it. That is however being said with nothing but admiration at heart, as not only did I experience something unique, but now also have a strong card to flash whenever I need to impress neoclassical snobs.

This six minute long neoclassical acid trip begins quite abruptly, with a string section that lands somewhere between sporadic, mad and genius. Then, that very nonchalant melodic element is joined by vocals that compliment the already wicked musical endeavor with their inaudible lyrics and a tone that's a bit angelic and fairly demonic too. The piece then continues to live out it's own vivid, genre-free course, exploring a wide array of musical aspects with courage, intent and appreciation for universal beauty. We don't know how deep into the subconsciousness did alexdgoldberg had to travel, but we sure hope he made it back as well as is willing to go there again, because we want to hear more.

This is a one in a billion, a true work of art from a brilliant mind of a brave individual:


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