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Alex Hamberger x Efajemue ''Strident Steps'' - a jazzy zen zone

This recent colab between two artists from USA and Canada, Alex Hamberger and Efajemue respectively, entitled ''Strident Steps'' is a masterful instrumental piece of music written for bass and drums that will get you breathing deeper than ever before all the while having you droove with at least two parts of your body - in my case my foot and my head, as my hands are too busy making this write up.

I'm not the only one with busy hands and frankly, it would seem that the musicians in this recording beat me to it. Unapologetically jazzy, the music presents highest playing skills on both instruments from the very start and all throughout. While two layered lines of bass lines create a dreamy flying-through-the-clouds feel, the drums elegantly and very dynamically colorize the bars with elaborate chops. The musicians play extremely well together and are clearly having the time of their lives doing what they do.

We love jazz, bass, drums and we love ''Strident Steps''. Check it out at the link below:

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