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aleph om "Carousel": Enchanting, shamanic, original

aleph om is an American outfit that came to our attention with their shamanic, highly unique recent release entitled "Carousel".

Intricately beginning with the sound of horse steps trotting and a psychedelic distant drone sequence, the music immediately makes a promise of an original experience. Rightfully so, when the vocals kick, the music ventures even further away from everything we know as non-contemporary - it's enchanting, meditative intent threaded deeply into the shamanic fabric of this song. The dynamic ascend and descend of this song is probably the most - if not the only - 'familiar' element in this memorable piece of music. The creators clearly have gone way out of their way to ensure a unique and personal experience for the listener - or maybe they are strangers to that 'way' altogether.

Immersive, calming and intense too, here's "Carousel":


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