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Aksel Krystad "Lydia": A turbulence-free neoclassical flight across.

Aksel Krystad is a Norwegian pianist who's crisp, soothing composition entitled "Lydia" we are delighted to present to you today.

Taking off on a feather-light melody, the composition doesn't simply take-off to a picturesque flight - it begins high up above the ground and glides freely across a landscape that is pure, captivating and humbling in equal portions. With a melody that crosses somewhere between neoclassical, cinematic and pop and a delivery worthy of heavens, the composer exhibits not only high musical prowess, but a deep understanding of universal beauty and its presence in all that is. Worthy a mention are the wonderful tremolos, which to me personally are the northern star of this sky-like musical endeavor.

Let it in:

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