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Akitsugu Fukushima & Iat U Hong ''Shipyard (feat. mabanua)'' - the cool kid of neoclassical

While we wish it was way more often, we love getting an occasional treat from Japan. Take this beautiful composition entitled ''Shipyard'' by Akitsugu Fukushima & Iat U Hong, for example.

Neatly placed between neoclassical and pop, the arrangement presents both a mesmerizing melodic element as well as a groovy, sexy drum beat. Leading in on the theme melody played on a piano, the ear doesn't seem to anticipate the oncoming drum beat, but welcomes it with a smile when it does come around. As for the melody itself - it is a creation of a mind that's free and aware, turning up notes that - even though have a mild hint of far-east music - are essentially universal.

Blunt cool and catchy, check it out:


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