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AKB ''Tropikerna (Remix by Kajsa Lindgren)'' - from the Nordic queen of cosmic soundscapes, with lov

AKB is a Swedish ambient artist who has recently released a beautifully immersive soundscape entitled ''Tropikerna''.

Intricately starting with a close-miced sound of a tape recorder, the composition patiently begins to invite a living array of synth drones scooping the entire spectrum of sound frequencies. Floaty and weightless, the music makes a perfect companion for a transcendental meditative session, although the artist reminds us of it's earthly origins by bringing the sound of the recorded back into the picture now and again. Consistent and kind, the track seeps into your soul and fills it with light and goodness, then ends in the same nature as it started - on earth, in the physical environment with the sound of the recorder being pressed to stop.

When it comes to ambient and drone, ''Tropikerna'' is a top-shelf item, check it out:


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