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Aition ''Beata'': an undemanding beauty

Whenever we see a submission from Finland, we can't help but to get a bit excited. Having visited the country and made good friends there too, we have become somewhat fascinated with the country's lovable social awkwardness, as well as their magnificent ability to be self-ironic.

While ''Beata'' - a single by Aition - is neither awkward, nor self-ironic, it does represent the origins of its creator with its melancholic, introspective spirit. Lingering beautifully around a folk/pop/classical core with its elegant piano melody, the composition is supported by nature sounds and synth-strings - complimenting and completing the piece in a poetic, story-telling way. Dynamically consistent, this piece is a perfect soundtrack to those who need to unplug for a short while (3min 24s to be specific).

Nothing but a treat, we love Finland and their take on art. Here's ''Beata'':


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