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Aditya "Samay": movements in ambience

London artist Aditya presents the ultimate ambience track in his last and longest song on his album, Udyan, entitled “Samay”, representing the final moments in the process of growth, growth itself.

At fifteen minutes and thirty seconds, this ambient track is sure to quench the thirst of any avid ambient music lover. The piece begins by setting a drone foundation while guitar notes are sparingly sprinkled in, layered between ambient tones, giving this piece a large canvas and a vast landscape in which to encompass and design. The ambience in the track is relaxing, with a somber or serious backbone in its more hollowing moments, as a particularly droning backdrop sets the scene in some parts of the piece. While evolving through various emotions, rhythms, and sounds, the ambient track offers a variety of distinct flavours and secrets that are never revealed all at once, ensuring there is never a dull moment in the grand finale piece of the album.

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