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Aditya "Beej": a transcending ambient guitar track

London artist Aditya creates expansive and detailed soundscapes inspired by the feeling of “ looking for something but you aren't sure what for” in order to produce his track entitled, “Beej”.

Incredibly atmospheric, “Beej” is hollowing in a refreshing way that will clear your mind. Uncluttered and built with precision in every sound, the beautifully blank canvas this song creates in your thoughts is a welcomed guest amongst the noise of the world as it lets you fill in the space with expressions or feelings that need to be had. While balancing the unique traits of versatility and various interpretations, this song finds itself fitting in many moments. Extraneous guitar noises contribute to the raw, intimate, and natural feeling of the flow the track embodies. Relaxing and cathartic, the two minute piece builds an ambience of another world where there is a space for emotion and thought to flow freely.

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