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Adina Nelu ''An Espace'' - when piano is nature

Adina Nelu, who has been once before featured on our blog, returns with another piece of mesmerizing piano music entitled ''An Escape''.

As the title suggests, the music is there to set your mind at ease - a task that it performs flawlessly from the very start. With the most elegant bars of piano played around a classical core, with a few hints of jazz here and there, the melodic aspect of the composition is as dreamy as a dream itself. As if that wasn't enough, the artist compliments the her musical idea with a beautiful background of chirping birds, fitting perfectly with the music, almost singing along with it.

Unplug from your big important intellect and immerse in the universal beauty of this heart-warming musical endeavor. As calming as the nature itself and available at the link below:


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