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Ade Vincent, Sophie Marcheff "A Drunken Fingerprint Across the Sky": A spiritual guitar effort.

Guitar music is something that we are still quite new to, as our focus has mostly been that of piano, strings and ambient drones. However, recently we've received a handful of acoustic guitar tunes that spoke right to our hearts, "A Drunken Fingerprint Across the Sky" by Australian artists Ade Vincent and Sophie Marcheff.

Released today, the music captivates the listener with a masterfully played classical guitar, caressing the listener's ears with the distinctly soothing sound of nylon strings. Rhythmically inventive, the composition evolves around itself like an eternal engine of a kind, one that doesn't necessarily have to take you anywhere, but one that will guarantee a smooth and memorable right regardless the destination. Dynamically rich and elaborate, the track utilizes the instrument to its full extent, making great use of lead note changes and harmonics all the while elaborating effortlessly on the rich melodic element of the song.

This is guitar music at its finest, enjoy:


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