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Adam Bauer "Healing Song": a prayer for all walks of life

Everyone has a story, you do realize that, right? Not one person to have ever walked the earth didn't have a cross to carry - why do you think Christianity got so popular so quick? It was appealing. Whatever your religion, or non-religion is, some things remain universal across all spectra. Love and fear are both prevalent and humans are susceptible to both, regardless their roots, path or destination. We are here and that is all we really know.

Adam Bauer has been traveling around the world for years, sharing the beauty of group chanting with those he met on his path. His recent release "Healing Song" is an epitome of a musical prayer, void of patronizing or preaching, and rather filled with acceptance, tolerance, love and forgiveness. Adam sings the most graceful lyrics with his madly soothing voice atop of a beautifully composed, eclectic instrumental arrangement featuring, sitar, accordion, cello and other instruments from around the world. Beat-less, the music relies solely on the inaudible, but very present beat of intent. Resolving into an ever more graceful chorus, the entirety of the piece will immerse you in its sacred domain, having you completely lose track of time, which is quite impressive given the track is no shorter than seven minutes long.

Genuine, dedicated, admirable and simply good. Let it heal you some:


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