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aaronk "memo II": Another beaming star on the seemingly endless neoclassical sky.

Amazing how much talent wanders around unaware of its own genius. Or are they? Perhaps I should ask aaronk about the levels of self-awareness in the genre of neoclassical piano in this regard, for I am mesmerized into the abyss of pure pleasure by a composition entitled "memo II" recently released by this American artist.

Elegant from the very first note, the piece captures a mood that reeks of beauty. Unrushed it proceeds along a graceful melody with thoughtful elaborations, set afloat on a talent-armored ship atop three-count waves, which - peculiarly enough - don't feel like waltz at all. The pianist stitched the bars with a brilliant sense of dynamic and a level of musicality that deserves a prize and a half at least.

This will speak right to your heart, whoever you may be:



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