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Aaron Vaurio Jackson "a morning without you": The piano and violin are great.

The composition "a morning without you" belongs to the artist Aaron Vaurio Jackson.

The composition proudly opens the album "our table, alone". The author of this composition managed to recreate the atmosphere of nobility, refinement and romance. The arrangement features piano and violin, which merge into a disturbing tandem and confidently lead the narrative throughout the composition. Each note, like a small drop of magic, vibrates majestically in the air, revealing its stunning potential. The composition has a clear division into introduction, climax and finale. Each part is beautiful and different in its development and pattern, but I was especially surprised by the ending, which is very logically and properly constructed. Hanging on one note, the violin penetrates directly into the heart of the listener and reveals it, leaving a share of understatement and mystery.

We recommend this piece to anyone with an understanding of neoclassical music:


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