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A Veiled Frame in Amber ''Erase Me, Not Worth Loving'' - only a masterpiece

Light, beauty, love, goodness, sky and how prevalent they are, isn't it amazing? Although the forces of love and fear have been in an open brawl recently, both history and present day show that humans - the living creatures that we are - will always seek out light. It may not always be placed in front of us and often one may have to tumble through pitch black darkness for a while, but the mere knowledge of the existence of light is an engine to existence in itself - miraculous, innit?

Dramatically entitled, ''Erase Me, Not Worth Loving'' is a sonic representation of that tumble through the pitch-black darkness, a pursuit of light powered by the very lack of it. Composed for piano, strings and complete with a rich ambient backdrop, the piece touches the very depth of you, moves it and then - a whole nerve-wrecking nine minutes later - let's you go. Astonishing with the amounts patience, the creator of this piece captured a magically honest moment and gave it to us - a masterful musical endeavor.

This will make your day, guaranteed:


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