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A Spot on the Hill "Why couldn't I see it?": Beautiful and soothing piano.

Introducing the song "Why couldn't I see It?" Dan Cook, composer and instrumentalist for the band A Spot on the Hill. He has previously performed as part of indie rock bands The Verna Cannon and Lay Quiet Awhile.

Hovering between ambient, post-rock and classic minimalism, reviewers describe Cook's music as "delicately layered soundscapes that reward total immersion with subtle movement" (Brian Reed, Free Times) and "discreet but grandiose" (Kyle Peterson, The Jasper Project).

This beautiful, almost weightless piano piece gives the listener a huge dose of relaxation and peace, plunging them into a trance. "Why couldn't I see It?" - is the ninth composition of the album "Patterns". The composition is very leisurely and lasts only three minutes. The author put a lot of energy and feelings into it, which will certainly not leave you indifferent.

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