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A Spot on the Hill ''Tea in the rain'' - a mesmerizing neoclassical domain

A Spot On The Hill is an American neoclassical/ambient/post-rock project with a recent release entitled ''Tea In The Rain'', falling between the aforementioned genres and - with it's originality - beyond.

Taking off on an introspective, arrhythmical piano melody, the composition soon expands with accompanying string, hinting a bit of Sigur Rós. Evolving gracefully around its neoclassical core the arrangement blows with heavy winds while the listener is sheltered in the safety of it's good intent. Past a number of movements, the music slowly catches onto rhythmical rails, leading the listener out of it's mesmerizing domain on a minimalist, beautiful piano-string section as it fades out.

Definitely deserving a spot on your ambient playlist, as it did on ours, enjoy:


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