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A I R E "C L O U D S": Ambient remedy.

As I was finding myself on the edge on my first ever attempt to quit smoking, with my thoughts beginning to linger towards excuses and my nerves boiling up at cosmic speeds - I hit play on AIRE's "CLOUDS" and just how timely that was.

This ambient track does just what it's set out to do which per press release is "(...) a purely electronic instrumental written with the intention to help listeners achieve a sense of ease and release."

Finely produced feather-light drones, crisp well-balanced bass and tingling keys intertwine in the most liberating of ways, separating here and now from all the rest for the listener to appreciate. I might as well spend the rest of the day listening to this, or at least for as long as it keeps the cigarettes away, which so far it has done better than any other remedy on the market.

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