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A. Blomqvist ''Sunset'' - graceful piano with a twist

A. Blomqvist from Finland is a prime example of how something as simple and familiar as piano arpeggios can and will live forever, if only tended to with heart and appreciation for beauty.

''Sunset'' is a solo piano piece that takes from richly from classical and spices it up with jazz. The entirety of the composition is written on arpeggios which elegantly travel across the width of the keyboard, as well as across the harmonic spectrum. Elegantly holding up before each bar, the artist creates the space for the intricacy of the recording resonating in the sound of the sustain pedal caressing the body of the instrument - it is that very detail that makes the recording stand out and we fell in love with it all at once.

Dynamically rich, full of grace and memorable. Listen to ''Sunset'' at the link below:

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