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Hvileløs "Ørnsø ": Flute, cello, harp.

Introducing the composition "Ørnsø" by Hvileløs.

This calm, peaceful composition by Hvileløs, performed on alto flute, cello and celtic harp, will not leave you indifferent. All these instruments interact with each other as if weaving the threads of a great fairy tale. This is not just a piece of music, but an art that can make us forget and dream, inspire us and touch our deepest feelings. "Ørnsø" have created something magical that invites us to join them on this amazing journey. They have created music that uplifts our spirits, heals our souls and fills us with delight. "Ørnsø" is a true gift of art that will be a wonderful addition to your playlist for relaxation, meditation and peacefulness.

We invite you to follow the link and enjoy this magic of sounds:


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